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In honor of lmtphotography’s 1 year anniversary on November 13, YOU can help my wonderful clients earn one FREE print!

Everyone loves comments, whether on forums, profiles, posted pictures and videos, or blogs. Comments are pretty much a universally accepted form of a compliment. I will admit my day is brightened by a blog comment or some sweet little messages on my FB page, and I know that my clients will feel good when they see comments about their photos too! So until I decide otherwise, there will be no expiration for the comments to come in! (For past sessions, the print will either be added to your print order or processed with the next order submitted to my print lab if you’ve already placed/received your print order). Only one comment will be counted for each IP address. Anyone can comment but it HAS to be a comment of some value specific to the blog post. In other words, you can’t post the same thing for each post or copy someone else’s comment for it to count. But of course you can comment on your own blog post! And why wouldn’t you?! Who doesn’t want a completely free print?

So tell everyone you know to help you earn your print, or keep coming back to help a stranger. Either way, make friends with the comment section when you stop by…make it your intentional act of kindness for the day.

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  • Kat AslinNovember 13, 2009 - 7:36 pm

    You look great. B.E.A.utiful family…Love ya,

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