Doc and Chris' Wedding

The winner announcement will have to wait a few minutes more. 🙂

The day before we left for my husband’s aunt’s 2nd wedding found out she didn’t have a photographer. Well, I couldn’t let that be. So I took a few pictures for them to have something to remember it by other than the video. Doc and Chris have been dating for just about as long as Jon and I have been together, so we’re extremely happy to officially welcome Doc to the family and see his stocking up on Grandma’s wall this Christmas. 🙂

Since it was Chris’ 2nd wedding, it was pretty casual and low-key (which was especially fine by Doc and my husband too!). And we all felt so sorry for Chris who got laryngitis the day before her wedding. It’s no fun to be sick, but it’s especially no fun to be sick on your wedding day. So we kept the pictures low-key too.

Doc and Chris, a thousand congratulations! We’re so happy for you both! I hope you enjoy these special moments I captured for you!! 🙂

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