Apple Butter Time!

It was such a joy to get in on the family secret
and learn the trade!
I loved spending this weekend down with my family
and catching some great shots
that are going to stick in my memory for a long time.

I’m already looking forward
to doing this again next year
and making even moreto sell some as a fundraiser
to help my cousin’s team with the MS Walk!

Put your orders in now! 🙂

My grandma is “schnippling” the apples,
as they say 😉

Love your smile, Emily!
It’s a whole lot of cute and a little bit of mischief!

I can literally still smell the smoke
every time I pick up my camera.
Whew! That’s a hot fire!!

Oh my word. I just LOVE this picture of my grandpa!!

As my cousin wisely pointed out,
it’s a good thing that you can’t smell this picture
because this puppy loves to go skunk hunting!
P-U! Stinky!
But isn’t he just so cute?!

Can’t stop stirring from the moment you begin
until the last drop is removed…

my mouth is watering!
I just enjoyed some of this on my pancakes this morning!

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