52 Weeks of Gratitude: Week 7

This week has been gloriously warm.
I can hardly believe all the snow is melted from just a week ago!

Ahh, spring, I can feel you near,
and the sun is warming my spirits!

Warm is good.
It means the kids can play outside.
Which was helpful this week as I finished up the plans and preparations for my sister’s baby shower.
So I sent them outside, and listened to them through the screen door
as I sewed happily away in the sunshine.

But then it was quiet.
Too quiet.
And as I walked outside and found both of my children covered in mud,
I really about lost it.
Until I found something that they dug up.
Isn’t it funny how quickly my perspective changed?

So thank you, Jesus, for the warmer weather,
for my kids being able to burn off energy outside,
and for this promise of spring.

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