Seniors and their Pets

One of the things I love to do at my pre-session consultations
is to find out what makes this senior tick.
For some seniors it’s all about their beloved sports,
or maybe music
or their car/truck
or their pet.

Earlier today I was privileged to have two of my pictures
from a session with a senior who loved her horse
featured on Inside the Locker,
an inspirational website for senior photographers.

But it made me remember that last year I had an even crazier pet than a horse!
So welcome to all the photographers coming from Inside the Locker!
I thought I would share these pictures of a girl and her beloved snake.
We had a blast walking around downtown Saint Louis for her session…
and her lucky mom got to carry the snake in its cage the entire time
since she wanted pictures with the snake in several outfits and locations.
Boy did we turn some heads from passers-by! 🙂

(On a side note, I’m TERRIFIED of snakes, so I was a little anxious to have
to get so close for some of the pictures…
and I was ever thankful that being the photographer didn’t require me to touch the snake!)

Enjoy the snake pet pictures! I hope they inspire you today!

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