Out for August

For the last year I have been struggling with bulging and herniated disks in my back
that were a result of giving birth to my youngest child.
I have been trying every non-invasive treatment to get them under control
from physical therapy to chiropractic care, losing weight to anti-inflammatory diets,
inversion tables to essential oils to steroid injections.

Nothing worked.
Time to raise the white flag.

Tomorrow afternoon I will be having a lumbar microdecompression surgery.
The surgery is short and outpatient,
but I will be out for a long three week recovery
where I will be light on my feet
and not lifting anything heavy (like children!)
and taking good care of myself so my back heals and I won’t have to deal with the disk issues again!

For the remainder of the month of August I will not be able to work
with the exception of answering calls and emails,
which will be limited.

If you are interested in booking a session with me this fall,
please send me an email.
I will start booking sessions and consultations starting September 10th.
I am so excited to feel better,
to be on the top of my game as my busy season for family and senior sessions kicks off this fall!

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