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In January of 2019, a special opportunity came knocking on my door.
It wasn’t one I was seeking out.
I was still on maternity leave after having my sixth child.
But when something lines up so much with what you’re already doing and believing,
it’s a hard thing to resist!

Some friends of mine were getting ready to have their miracle story published in a magazine.
They were so excited. I remember them telling me about their upcoming photoshoot.
Then it never happened. Their story was in jeopardy of not being shared.
So they told the editor they knew a photographer that they knew would help.
The rest is history.

I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to get to know each of these families
and their amazing stories.
Check out all of their stories below.

Robbie, a miracle child:
Evy: Her journey from China
Harlow: Looking for a Diagnosis
The Johnson Family: Pursuing Better
Cole: An Overcomer
CJ: Living Joy

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